Mobile Mortgage Lending office on Wheels

Mobile Mortgage Lending office on Wheels

If you find that days don’t have enough hours for you to perform your work-related tasks, then this modified Toyota Sienna minivan might help you reach your goals.

The unusual minivan, first spotted by The Drive, is currently on sale by Top Speed Motors in New York, offered for $19,495. It has covered just 42,625 miles and its condition appears to be pretty good judging from the images provided.

The office conversion means that the two captain’s chairs in the second row are now gone, creating a wide open space for easier access to the business end of the cabin. The single seat is positioned in the middle and is flanked by two custom cabinets; the one on the left hosts a mini-fridge while the one on your left features a slide-out table for you to place your laptop and a corded phone because apparently this is an office from the 1990s.

The whole package appears to be very well thought out, with carpets cut precisely for the new open floor area and the cabinets getting a very professional-looking wooden fascia that matches the brown leather upholstery very nicely. There’s also a folding wide display mounted on the ceiling and twin sunroofs.

Unfortunately there’s no information about the origins of the conversion as the car came from a dealer auction. We also can’t imagine why would someone would bother doing that to a Sienna but let’s face it, it looks pretty inviting back there.

Perhaps this was a CEO that wanted something with plenty of a space for his business activities without attracting any attention like those fancy German models do, who knows.

Source: Modified Toyota Sienna Minivan Is Now A Mobile Office For Workaholics | Carscoops