UAB eMedicine offers telestroke services at Medical Center Barbour | News |

Timing is everything when a stroke occurs. By partnering with UAB eMedicine, Medical Center Barbour will be providing the highest quality stroke care immediately by using telestroke live video. This rapid response video communication will allow MCB ER Physicians to talk with UAB physicians directly.

The Medical Center Barbour TeleStroke Program coordinates with UAB Medicine providers via live video. UAB Medicine neurologists, who have advanced training in treating strokes, are connected by the live video link with local physicians to recommend diagnoses and treatments that can be given immediately in the local emergency room. With telestroke technology, your doctors work together with UAB Medicine experts to provide you the best care immediately right here at home.

The UAB Medicine Comprehensive Neurovascular and Stroke Center is among the top programs of its kind in the nation, and when you are feeling the signs and symptoms of a stroke, MCB and UAB Medicine are here for you. When strokes occur, the blood supply to a part of the brain is shut off or reduced, causing brain cells to die as they are starved of oxygen.

Complications can cause the loss of some or all functions controlled by the part of the brain damaged, including speech, movement, and memory. Recognizing symptoms and seeking medical care immediately are crucial factors in preventing disability and death during a stroke.

Medical Center Barbour is tremendously excited about this new venture and the ability to offer higher levels of care to our community and our patients. If you have questions about the program, please call 334-688-7000. If you would like to read more about the signs and symptoms of a stroke, please visit

Source: UAB eMedicine offers telestroke services at Medical Center Barbour | News |