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If you find that days don’t have enough hours for you to perform your work-related tasks, then this modified Toyota Sienna minivan might help you reach your goals. The unusual minivan, first spotted by The Drive, is currently on sale by Top Speed Motors in …

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Technology that supports and not replaces Loan Officers

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Bill Gates has had plenty to say about achieving success over the years. The co-founder of Microsoft, an avid reader of about 50 books a year returned to his alma mater, Lakeside School, to help celebrate the prep school’s 100th anniversary. Speaking to high schoolers about …

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The United States’ trade relationship with China has deteriorated, economists have upped their predictions of an impending recession and manufacturers, unsure of the future, have pulled back. The stock market has begun to wobble. Yet one sector of the economy …

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Inc.: Bill Gates Says This 1 Simple Habit Separates Successful Leaders From Everyone Else.