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Bacterium Found at Prince George’s Hospital Center, Not NICU | NBC4 Washington

The bacterium pseudomonas has been detected again at the Prince George’s Hospital Center, but it was not in the neonatal intensive care unit. Three babies in the NICU tested positive for the bacteria, which can cause a potentially deadly infection.

FDA requests additional information: consumer hand sanitizers

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today issued a proposed rule requesting additional scientific data to support the safety and effectiveness of certain active ingredients used in topical consumer antiseptic rubs (including hand sanitizers) marketed over-the-counter (OTC). The FDA’s request

Second untreatable superbug infection in US identified by researchers

Researchers have identified a patient in New York infected with a strain of E. coli containing the mcr-1 gene, which makes the bacteria highly resistant to even last-resort antibiotic treatments, Reuters reports. This is the second U.S. patient with the

Hospitals need to step up cellphone cleaning protocol, study finds

A study out of the University Hospital of Saint-Etienne in France shows mobile devices used by hospital workers harbor viral RNA, and a large chunk of healthcare workers don’t wash their hands before or after using their mobile devices. Researchers