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B-N Doctors Think Twice On Painkillers Amid Opioid Epidemic | WGLT

Dr. Ramsin Benyamin views the opioid epidemic almost like he would a patient. If you ask Benyamin how he’d fix the opioid issue—how he’d treat it—he starts with a diagnosis. Before you can fix the problem, he said, you must

Aggressive testing provides no benefit to patients in ER with chest pain | Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Patients who go to the emergency room (ER) with chest pain often receive unnecessary tests to evaluate whether they are having a heart attack, a practice that provides no clinical benefit and adds hundreds of dollars in health-care costs, according

Emergency action needed to protect ER patients- New Hampshire

We are extremely grateful to Dr. David Heller, medical director of the Emergency Department at Portsmouth Regional Hospital, for sounding the alarm about dangerous changes to health insurance coverage of emergency room services. Effective Jan. 1, if you are insured

Doctors tell their stories about the effects of mass shootings – ABC News

On June 12, 2016, Dr. Chadwick Smith was not thinking about mass shootings. Most likely, he was planning for his 10th wedding anniversary celebration, scheduled for three weeks later. But at 2 a.m., he received a call from the emergency medicine

News: Insurers Test the Limits of Prudent Layperson Standard : Emergency Medicine News

‘Save the ER for emergencies—or cover the cost.” That was the warning in a letter Blue Cross and Blue Shield sent to its members in Georgia earlier this year. “Going to the emergency room (ER) or calling 9-1-1 is always

Local News: Helping others beat addiction (10/18/17) | Monett Times

Doctor, counselor share experiences in jobs Many have heard the debilitating effects that methamphetamine has on the individuals who choose to use it, and no one is more familiar with those effects than the emergency room physicians who treat patients

New Texas legislation protects health care consumers

While much was discussed and debated during the 85th Texas Legislative session, two important and successfully passed bills will help protect Texas healthcare consumers from the outrageous costs and confusion associated with freestanding emergency rooms. Senate Bill 507, authored by

Doctors group speaks out against health insurer’s policy denying coverage of some ER visits

A major health insurance provider in Missouri is taking heat from a group of doctors.  American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) claims Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield is warning members they may have to pay for trips to the emergency

Dr. Overachiever: Award to honor Ovalo physician

Kyle Sheets jokingly calls himself an overachiever “in a bad way.” Others probably say his overachieving is a great thing, considering all he’s done and is doing. Friends and associates call him “special,” “entrepreneurial,” “amazing.” Patients call him “Dr. Sheets.”

What it’s like to be on call during a hurricane

As an attending and educator, I give a lecture to the residents each year about stroke syndromes.  In the lecture, I use mnemonics, pictures, and associations, so that the trainees can retain the information in non-traditional ways and have fun