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3 types of Drs “GoldiDocs” – Jordan Grumet MD

The GoldiDocs Phenomena The world consists of three types of doctor.  Three types of doctors who will grace your presence on any given stay in the hospital, foray into the nursing home, or visit to the office.  You might have

Is It Ever OK For Doctors To Lie To Their Patients? -Nana Matoba, M.D

Doctors shouldn’t lie to their patients, even now when the parsing of words and the telling of white lies is common at the highest level of our government. But they do it all the time — sometimes for personal reasons but most

Can Small Practices Adapt to New Payment Plans? – Bill Golden, MD

Even small practices can adapt to new payment models — but they need the right incentives to get going, Bill Golden, MD, medical director of Arkansas Medicaid, said here at the annual meeting of the American College of Physicians. “We’ve

Treating Outpatients Like Inpatients- by Fred N. Pelzman, MD

Every action that is taken, especially when it comes to healthcare, has ripple effects, which often end up being more far more significant than we anticipate, turning that ripple into a tidal wave. Every time somebody besides actual healthcare providers

I Have To Believe In My One Percent – Dr. Eric Schultz

It’s a rainy Saturday night, and I’m huddled in a doorway, pleasantly buzzed after a few drinks with a beautiful Russian girl I will never see again. The sky is wet iron, tinged with bronze from the reflected light of

When a Physician Gets Yelled At – Jordan Grumet MD

It was not so much the words as the overall tone of the interaction. The doctor-patient relationship had been generally affable. There was the usual exchange of pleasantries over the years. Questions about family, children, and grandchildren. It was a

ER doctors: Anthem policy to deny coverage for some visits is dangerous

A group of emergency room doctors is pushing back on a program from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield that could deny reimbursement for those using the hospital emergency room for treatment the insurer doesn’t deem an emergency. Emergency room

5 things doctors should always subconsciously communicate to patients | Suneel Dhand

Communication is the cornerstone of good healthcare. Despite all the external challenges we face with the system in which we work, those few minutes we spend with patients and their families are precious—and are what we will be remembered for. We

10 rules for frontline physician sanity | Suneel Dhand

These are tumultuous times for practicing physicians. The healthcare landscape is changing at breathtaking pace and less and less of our time is spent doing what we were actually trained to do: taking care of patients. I absolutely love the

The real painting that speaks a thousand words, inspires me, and reminds me why I went into medicine | Suneel Dhand

A few weeks ago, I wrote a brief piece about a chart that speaks a thousand words. It’s basically quite an obnoxious graphic that shows the proliferation of administrators in healthcare, compared to physicians, over the last few decades. I’d