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9 unforgettable emergency room stories

The next time you have an embarrassing situation or accident, I want you to keep in mind that compared to what doctors see on a daily basis, it is likely no one will blink twice. Here are some of my

The Cognitive Dissonance of Narcotic Prescribing by Dr. Edwin Leap –

I know a bit about the opioid epidemic ravaging America.  My wife and I grew up in West Virginia and follow the news from home. I practice emergency medicine in rural South Carolina, and have worked in Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky

Rural doctors, you may be the last, best hope for someone. by Dr. Edwin Leap –

Recently, while on a locums assignment in a very small, rural hospital, I cared for a gentleman with chest pain.  His discomfort seemed classic for an MI, but his EKG did not. So I treated him as normal with aspirin

Ten Tips for Airway Management that Absolutely Have to be Part of Your Practice

Airway management is one of the hallmark skills of an emergency physician, but to call it a single skill does not give enough credit to the complexity of the task. It is actually a long sequence of micro-skills and decisions.

What personality type fits your medical specialty?

Both patients and providers realize that an internist is different from a surgeon, but specifically how they differ and how this affects their approaches to patient care is largely under-appreciated. Over the last four years, I have conducted over 250

What Urban Docs Need to Know About Rural Docs

About a year ago I heard a prominent emergency physician say, “We’re training a generation of urban emergency physicians.” And he was spot-on about that. I have written extensively about the fact that it’s very difficult to staff rural locations

Drug shortages in ER are more common than you think | Fox News

Dr. Maryann E. Amirshahi was on her way to work at MedStar Washington Hospital Center in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday morning, hoping her eight-hour shift would be filled with all of the medications she needed to do her job. But

Transporting Patients to Appropriate Receiving Destinations

You and your partner find Mark, a 48-year-old male, sitting at the dining room table complaining of difficulty breathing and weakness. His skin is pale and clammy. He appears lethargic and is struggling to breathe. He looks at you as you

Shortage Of Pain Medication Hits US Hospitals

When you have an emergency, you probably don’t think twice about what you need to do next: you simply head to the hospital, where the trained medical staff can take care of you, right? But what happens when the hospitals

Unconscious Patient With ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ Tattoo Causes Ethical Conundrum at Hospital

Image: NEJM/University of Miami When an unresponsive patient arrived at a Florida hospital ER, the medical staff was taken aback upon discovering the words “DO NOT RESUSCITATE” tattooed onto the man’s chest—with the word “NOT” underlined and with his signature