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Doctors Urge CDC to Clarify Rx Opioid Guideline 

Dr. Kertesz believes many chronic pain patients have suffered under the guideline, because it has led to widespread tapering and discontinuation of opioids. He invited other healthcare professionals to co-sign the letter. To date, well over 200 have. To see

Opioid prescribers in Georgia get letters from U.S. Attorney

Federal prosecutors in Atlanta have put about 30 doctors on notice that they’ve been identified for prescribing opioids in significantly greater quantities or doses than their peers. The doctors, who were not publicly identified but work in the metro and

15 Years with My Pain Dr. and My Last Appointment Became My Final Appointment – National Pain Report

Editor’s Note: John Sandherr is a 58-year old man who lives near Pittsburgh, Pa. He has suffered from chronic pain for thirty years and has undergone 10 surgeries. . He is an arachnoiditis survivor and is an outspoken chronic pain advocate.

How a startup hopes to treat the rural opioid epidemic, at a profit

When Elizabeth Zeinner turned 18, she used her savings to buy a run-down house on Conwell Street in Aurora, Indiana, a town of just under 4,000 residents on the edge of the greater Cincinnati area. Located on the banks of

Heroin And Opioid Users Hoping To Quit Turn To Black Market For Suboxone : Shots – Health News : NPR

Months in prison didn’t rid Daryl of his addiction to opioids. “Before I left the parking lot of the prison, I was shooting up, getting high,” he says. Daryl has used heroin and prescription painkillers for more than a decade.

Shared data cuts down on emergency room overuse 

About half the people who visited the St. Anthony Hospital emergency room in 2016 didn’t need to be there. They arrived with symptoms of the common cold, minor injuries or other low-severity issues. Some hoped to score painkillers and many

Most Hospital ERs Won’t Treat Your Addiction. These Will. 

BALTIMORE — For Dr. Zachary Dezman, an emergency physician in this heroin-plagued city, there’s no question that offering addiction medicine to emergency room patients is the right thing to do. People with a drug addiction are generally in poorer health

MultiBrief: Could ketamine help reduce opioid use in emergency rooms?

As opioid abuse continues to make headlines across the nation, medical researchers are busy looking at different, safer ways to treat patients who present with acute pain. A recent study in the journal Academic Emergency Medicine compares the analgesic effect of

Emergency Rooms Help Stem Opioid Crisis with Addiction Treatment

An increasing number of hospitals are starting to offer on-demand addiction treatment to patients who come into emergency rooms with opioid use disorders. It is currently becoming more common to see emergency rooms provide patients experiencing withdrawal symptoms from the discontinued use

New schedule II prescription forms required starting January 1

Texas physicians will be required to use new schedule II prescription forms beginning January 1, 2019. The new forms are now available from the Texas State Board of Pharmacy (TSBP). After January 1, official schedule II prescription forms that were issued before