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An earlier flu season is expected this year | 13 WTHR Indianapolis

How Does the 2018-2019 Flu Season Compare to Last Year’s Deadly Season? |

The Centers for Disease Control are warning that this year’s flu season is just beginning to ramp up, but hospitalization and death rates still remain well below last year’s deadly averages. The CDC estimates that so far in this year’s flu

Flu cases going up in Brazos County

The Brazos County Health Department says they’re seeing an uptick in reported cases. But peak flu season isn’t quite here yet. The Emergency Room at CHI St. Joseph Hospital is busy with lots of patients. Some of them are showing

MarketWatch: This year’s flu season is far less harsh than last year’s

NEW YORK (AP) — It’s early, but the current flu season is shaping up to be gentler than last winter’s unusually brutal one, U.S. health officials said. In most parts of the country, most illnesses right now are being caused

Flu season ‘milder, less intense’ than last season, Arkansas health officials say | KATV

In December of last year, there had been eight flu-related deaths in Arkansas, according to state Department of Health. By the time the season ended, there were 228.The department’s medical director for immunizations, Dr. Jennifer Dillaha, said December was a

One flu vaccine performing better than the rest, study says 

Certain vaccine varieties are excelling over others in the senior population, tipping off providers ahead of the main flu season. Cell-based vaccines have performed better than egg-based vaccines among Medicare beneficiaries. That’s according to U.S. Food and Drug Administration researchers,

Cell-Cultured Flu Vaccines Win Again — Precision Vaccinations

Cell-cultured flu vaccines were 10 percent more effective in preventing influenza-related hospital encounters and emergency room visits December 19th, 2018 – A new study of seniors who received an influenza vaccine during the 2017/18 season reported that cell-cultured flu vaccines performed

Authorities see milder flu season compared to last year | KEYE

AUSTIN, Texas — There is both good news and a lot of uncertainty about this year’s flu vaccine this early in our flu season. The good news is that the CDC thinks it is genetically similar to the strains starting to

Antibodies in Llama Blood Might Eliminate the Need for Yearly Flu Shots | Mental Floss

Getting your yearly flu shot is an important way to protect yourself against the latest strains of the virus. But the annual practice can also be annoying, as evidenced by the more than half of all Americans who skip it. Now, BBC reports that

Doctors urge residents to receive flu shot -Cleburne, TX

Last year’s flu season was one of the worst in more than a decade, resulting in a “high-severity” classification that saw 172 reported child deaths and 19 consecutive weeks of record-breaking flu hospitalizations nationwide. To avoid another hard-hitting season, local