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Insurance proposal could shift pay burden on ER visits | Health |

 A group of emergency physicians is sounding alarms, but Blue Cross says there’s no fire. The state and national chapters of the American College of Emergency Physicians are taking issue with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi, saying a

Freestanding Emergency Centers seeking Medicare and Medicaid recognition |

Freestanding Emergency Centers look much like urgent care clinics and so, many consumers have confused the two. There is a big difference. While an urgent care clinic’s billing is usually similar to that at your doctor’s office, billing at a

Will Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance change limit coverage in MS ER?

A physicians group is raising concerns about a planned Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi policy change it says could lead to less care being covered when a patient comes into the emergency room. The Mississippi chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians

Report: Emergency rooms see 44% increase of mentally ill patients | Arizona News |

A “huge and largely unreported problem” is happening in ERs across the nation, one expert says. “The extent to which ERs are now flooded with patients with mental illness is unprecedented,” said Dr. David R. Rubinow, chairman of the Department

Newsweek: Hospital Prices: Full Cost Lists Must Be Published From January 1st, New Federal Rule Says

Hospitals across the country have geared up to publish online price lists for all the medical services they provide, as a federal law takes effect on January 1. The new law, which was announced in April, should also make it easier for patients

Anthem ER policy could deny 1 in 6 visits if universally adopted, JAMA study warns 

Anthem ER policy could deny 1 in 6 visits if universally adopted, JAMA study warns Dive Brief: Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield’s controversial policy that denies emergency coverage based on a patient’s diagnosis after a visit to the ER, would

New surprise bill lobbying from ER docs

New surprise bill lobbying from ER docs Two weeks after a handful of senators introduced legislation to curtail surprise medical bills, the American College of Emergency Physicians hired new lobbyists to handle the issue, Axios’ Bob Herman notes. Driving the news: ACEP, the

Medical Liability Reforms Key to Texas Patient Access According to Texas Alliance for Patient Access

Today the Texas health care community recognizes the fifteenth anniversary of Texas’ landmark medical liability reforms. Passed by the voters in 2003, Prop. 12, created a constitutional amendment affirming Texas’ non-economic damage cap in medical liability lawsuits. The cap has been a magnet in attracting a

Anthem Denials of Emergency Room CT Scans and MRIs; Patients Sent to Clinics

Washington, DCIn July 2018, the American College of Emergency Physicians filed an insurance lawsuit against Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield over the insurer’s new policy of denying emergency room coverage after the fact. As a subpart of the strategy, Anthem refuses claims

Texas ruling on $11,000 ER bill may have long-lasting effects, experts say

The health care industry is closely watching a recent decision by the Texas Supreme Court that some say could have broader implications on how hospitals and health insurers negotiate their rates. The court sided with an uninsured woman who was