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Stalemate Or Solution? Ga. Legislative Fight Over Surprise Billing Renewed 

The thorny problem of surprise medical billing has once again sparked competing remedies within the General Assembly. Past attempts at a solution have ended in failure and frustration. Whether this year’s bills will actually lead to a resolution is anyone’s

Whistle-blower accuses HCA of fraudulent billing practices – Modern Healthcare

A former HCA nurse accused the hospital chain of fraudulently billing the federal government for services delivered at Regional Medical Center in San Jose to inflate reimbursement. In an unsealed False Claims Act case in California federal court, the whistle-blower claimed that

Coalition of insurance, business and consumer groups want patients protected from surprise bills –

A diverse coalition of Texas health insurers, business organizations and consumer groups on Monday called on state lawmakers to better protect patients from the financially devastating effects of surprise medical bills. In a consensus letter, the groups representing millions of

Texas mediation for balance billing faces massive backlog | The Texas Tribune

Thousands of Texans seeking government help with surprise medical bills were hit with another shock last year: a clogged-up consumer protection bureaucracy. A massive backlog that began last summer left state regulators unable to provide timely help to the thousands

ACEP: Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Policy In Ohio Puts Patients At Risk – Dec 19, 2017

WASHINGTON, Dec. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and its Ohio Chapter (Ohio ACEP) today came out against a policy that Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) plans to implement in the state on January 1st in which emergency

Anthem’s emergency room coverage denials draw scrutiny

Paul Sweatman was back at the emergency room. It was fall 2017 and a week before his left ankle had swollen to three times its normal size. His first stop, an urgent care clinic, said the problem was out of

Insurance proposal could shift pay burden on ER visits | Health |

 A group of emergency physicians is sounding alarms, but Blue Cross says there’s no fire. The state and national chapters of the American College of Emergency Physicians are taking issue with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi, saying a

Freestanding Emergency Centers seeking Medicare and Medicaid recognition |

Freestanding Emergency Centers look much like urgent care clinics and so, many consumers have confused the two. There is a big difference. While an urgent care clinic’s billing is usually similar to that at your doctor’s office, billing at a

Will Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance change limit coverage in MS ER?

A physicians group is raising concerns about a planned Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi policy change it says could lead to less care being covered when a patient comes into the emergency room. The Mississippi chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians

Report: Emergency rooms see 44% increase of mentally ill patients | Arizona News |

A “huge and largely unreported problem” is happening in ERs across the nation, one expert says. “The extent to which ERs are now flooded with patients with mental illness is unprecedented,” said Dr. David R. Rubinow, chairman of the Department