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HCA helps fill gap in care left by Houston hospital closure

Nashville, Tenn.-based HCA Healthcare’s Gulf Coast Division will open a new freestanding emergency room in Houston July 17, according to the Houston Business Journal. The new ER will help fill the medical gap left by the closure of HCA’s East Houston

Why you may start seeing fewer free-standing ERs around Houston

 Gavin Grajales is a typical little boy. “He’s very, very active. I mean, into everything,” said Gavin’s mother, Holly. He never stops moving, until something, such as an accident at the park, gets in his way. “He fractured his wrist

Financial problems threaten Houston-area freestanding…

There are 300 freestanding emergency rooms across Texas, down just slightly from a year ago, according to the Texas Association of Freestanding Emergency Centers (TAFEC). While business has been booming for almost a decade, one company located in Houston is

In Texas, health insurance industry puts profit over patients

In a matter of days — unless the Texas Department of Insurance intervenes — the largest health insurance company in the state, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, will put into place a policy to retroactively decide if a patient’s

State of emergency: An examination of freestanding ERs in Texas | Economic Snapshot | Dallas News

Since the Legislature passed a 2009 law allowing freestanding emergency rooms to operate in Texas, the industry has taken off statewide. The facilities aim to add convenience by allowing patients to be seen faster than in full-service hospitals’ ERs —

Texas must help consumers understand freestanding ERs  | Editorials | Dallas News

You probably drove by a freestanding emergency room today. Red crosses and vaguely optimistic names like “Excellence” and “Five Star” emblazon buildings all across North Texas, promising convenient emergency care with the ubiquity of a Starbucks. But the names of these

New bill could help Austin patients avoid surprise medical bills after visiting freestanding ERs

Over $800 in out-of-pocket expenses was not what area resident Lance Kubiak expected to pay after visiting a freestanding emergency department, or FSED, late one night last year. Kubiak, who has employer-provided health insurance, visited the FSED after experiencing an

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Delays Controversial Change After Backlash

The largest health insurer in Texas was set to change a review process on Monday. But it has been delayed until August 6th, after getting backlash from physicians in Texas. If the new process is launched, Blue Cross Blue Shield of

Medicare Payment Cuts Advised For Many ERs That Aren’t Inside Hospitals

The woman arrived at the emergency department gasping for air, her severe emphysema causing such shortness of breath that the physician who examined her immediately put her on a ventilator to help her breathe. The patient lived across the street

That freestanding emergency room is probably not in-network, no matter what the website says | Health Care | Dallas News

A Texas law aimed at protecting patients from shocking medical bills after visits to free-standing emergency rooms may not be reducing consumer confusion as intended. The law, which went into effect in September, requires the ERs to say on their