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AARP Warns of Sticker Shock at Freestanding ERs 

AUSTIN, Texas – Confusion by Texas consumers over freestanding emergency rooms has left many families with unexpected and unnecessary high medical bills. A new AARP survey of Texas freestanding ERs finds that, unlike urgent care clinics, many of freestanding ER billings are

Push to ensure freestanding ER patients aren’t stuck with big bills

BASTROP, Texas (Nexstar) — Texas is home to more than 200 independent, freestanding emergency centers. They aren’t affiliated with a hospital and aren’t recognized by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, so people with that insurance may have to

Utah State lawmaker is renewing efforts to end balance billing

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Utahns are getting stuck with tens of thousands of dollars in medical debt, even though they have health insurance. One state lawmaker says enough is enough, and he’s running a bill to change it.

Lawmakers pledge crackdown on free-standing ER billing practices – Houston Chronicle

Texas lawmakers on Monday vowed to crack down on the state’s booming free-standing emergency room industry in the wake of a troubling AARP Texas survey and a Houston Chronicle story that both showed how some facilities are sending confusing messages

Despite law to force clarity, confusion over free-standing ERs persists –

Fifteen months after Texas enacted a law to bring transparency to the state’s for-profit free-standing emergency rooms, many of the facilities continue to send mixed messages about insurance coverage that could expose unsuspecting patients to enormous surprise medical bills. A

Tampa Bay Times: No hospital, just an emergency ‘department’. They’re popping up all over.

As the health care industry evolves, free-standing “emergency departments” are adding to the range of options for patients. They’re more convenient and people are using them, but some see downsides. Video EMERGENCY | 116s From the outside, the new Bayfront Health

Some Rural Americans Forced to Travel 100 Miles to a Hospital – Rural Hospitals Close

Let’s take a break from treachery and cowardice and take a look at what’s going on out in the country, courtesy of Jack Healy, a terrific reporter for The New York Times, who went to Missouri to report on the

Hospital Corporation of America constructing new emergency room in Red Oak

Hospital Corporation of America is planning to construct a 20,400-square foot emergency room on 2.1 acres of land on East Ovilla Road in Red Oak. The facility, which had a zoning change approved by the Red Oak City Council last

Texas ruling on $11,000 ER bill may have long-lasting effects, experts say

The health care industry is closely watching a recent decision by the Texas Supreme Court that some say could have broader implications on how hospitals and health insurers negotiate their rates. The court sided with an uninsured woman who was

Victoria freestanding ER closes amid battle with insurers 

Mercer ER, a slick, stand-alone 24-hour emergency center near Home Depot, closed its doors for good last week. Patty Lutes, a 29-year-old executive assistant in Victoria, said she wasn’t surprised it closed, especially after her experience of receiving a surprise