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Freestanding ERs, out-of-network providers can lead to surprise medical bills

During the past six years, the state of Texas has seen an influx in freestanding emergency centers, including two recently opening in Southern Brazoria County with another one on the way. A common problem associated with the standalone emergency rooms

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Fort Worth State Senator Takes On Surprise Medical Billing – D Magazine

Figuring out what hospital your insurance company will actually pay for is tough enough. But determining ahead of time which of the physicians that practice at said hospital are in-network with your carrier is almost cruel. This is how balance

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Texas Assoc. of Health Plans Applauds Sen. Hancock Bill to Protect Consumers Against Surprise Medical Bills – Texas Insider

The Texas Association of Health Plans (TAHP), the statewide trade association representing commercial and public health plans operating in Texas, today applauded Texas Senator Kelly Hancock’s introduction of legislation to significantly expand protections for Texas consumers against the growing practice of

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First Ever Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Freestanding ERs

Dallas Attorney Stuart Cochran filed the suit which accuses Adeptus Health of “fraudulent and unconscionable failure to disclose ‘Facilities Fees’ to consumers before they are treated at Adeptus’s so-called freestanding emergency rooms.” “One of our clients took his daughter in

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Free-Standing Emergency Rooms Accused Of Duping Patients Into Paying “Facilities Fees” 

The country’s largest operator of free-standing emergency rooms — urgent medical care providers that are not physically connected to any hospital — has been accused of deceiving their patients into paying fees of several thousand dollars. Texas-based Adeptus Health, through

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Commentary: Freestanding emergency rooms, medical costs threaten Texas

Texas’ well-deserved pro-business reputation is being threatened by rising health care costs. Texas and Wisconsin spend more per capita on health care than any other state in the country, according to data from a recent report by the Health Care

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What does financial freefall of Lewisville-based Adeptus Health say about freestanding ERs? 

Shares in Lewisville-based Adeptus Health took a major hit Wednesday after the nation’s largest operator of freestanding emergency rooms reported an $11.7 million loss in the third quarter. The loss was attributed to high fixed costs that resulted in continued

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T. Rowe Price, Sterling Partners funds lose millions as Texas company’s stock plunges

Texas-based Adeptus Health Inc., which has large investments from Sterling Partners and T. Rowe Price Group Inc., saw its stock price plunge 68 percent in trading Wednesday after an $11.7 million third-quarter loss and questions over its liquidity. Funds associated

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Texas Health to reopen former Forest Park hospital in Fort Worth

Texas Health Resources will reopen the former Forest Park Medical Center Fort Worth on Tuesday as a hospital specializing in orthopedic procedures such as joint replacement and rehabilitation. Renamed Texas Health Hospital Clearfork, the 150,000-square-foot facility at 5400 Clearfork Main

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New Freestanding Emergency Room – Story | ConchoValleyHomepage

“When it comes to the bill, the situation is no different than a hospital emergency visit.” “You will be expected to pay the co-pay that you’re insurance has for emergency room visit, after that we will bill your insurance company,”

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