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ACEP responds to recent articles on ER Billing 

WASHINGTON —A recent article in Vox about hospital billing practices makes a number of assertions that rely heavily on data from the Health Care Cost Institute or HCCI, which receives millions of dollars from four of the largest health insurance companies. According

ACEP challenges report on ER billing fees

The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) is challenging a recent report that says spending on hospital emergency room fees is on the rise. Vox and the Health Care Cost Institute analyzed more than 70 million bills for ER visits that were

Spending on emergency room fees has increased by $3 billion

There are 141 million visits to the emergency room each year, and nearly all of them (including Saifan’s) have a charge for something called a facility fee. This is the price of walking through the door and seeking service. It does not

Emergency room fees have risen since 2009

The price of facility fees has risen steadily in recent years. A level 3 code (99283) now costs, on average, $576. A level 4 code (99284) averages $810. Christina Animashaun/Vox “Hospitals can make a lot of money charging for all the

ER spending increased 85% (2009-2015)

Medical bills from the Emergency Room (ER) are a mystery to many patients in the US health system. From incredibly high, varying charges to surprise bills resulting from in/out of network confusion, many Americans have no idea what to expect when it comes

Surprise! Out-of-Network Billing for Emergency Care in the United States

Using insurance claims data, we show that in 22% of emergency episodes, patients attended in-network hospitals, but were treated by out-of-network physicians. Out-of-network billing allows physicians to significantly increase their payment rates relative to what they would be paid for

ER facility fees skyrocket faster than outpatient or overall healthcare spending

The report found that ER fees increased by more than $3 billion between 2009 and 2015 despite a 2% decrease in ER fees billed. There were only 9.4 million ER visits in 2015 compared to 10.5 million in 2009. So,

Emergency action needed to protect ER patients- New Hampshire

We are extremely grateful to Dr. David Heller, medical director of the Emergency Department at Portsmouth Regional Hospital, for sounding the alarm about dangerous changes to health insurance coverage of emergency room services. Effective Jan. 1, if you are insured

Anthem makes patients question ER visits – INDIANAPOLIS

INDIANAPOLIS — Alison Wrenne was making waffles for her two young children one morning when abdominal pain forced her to the floor. A neighbor who is a physician assistant urged her to go to the emergency room. Wrong decision, according

Rural Oklahoma hospitals say Blue Cross demands deep rate cut | News OK

Oklahoma City — Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma is seeking rate cuts that some rural hospitals say they can’t absorb. Don Buchanan, CEO of Haskell County Community Hospital in Stigler, said BCBS intends to cut the hospitals reimbursements by