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Envision Healthcare responds to UnitedHealthcare with PR blitz 

Envision Healthcare, a physician staffing firm that has been at the center of controversial emergency room bills, launched its own campaign Wednesday that blames health insurance companies for the rise of out-of-network surprise billing. The bottom line: This has turned into a contentious, public battle

Envision launches campaign to end ‘surprise’ bills amid UnitedHealthcare fight

Nashville, Tenn.-based Envision Healthcare rolled out a digital video campaign targeting “surprise” or out-of-network medical bills Oct. 3 as one of the largest providers of emergency room services feuds with UnitedHealthcare over ER billing. Here are four things to know: 1. The video

Hospital chain agrees to pay $260 million to settle criminal probe

Health Management Associates has agreed to pay more than $260 million to settle fraud charges that included paying kickbacks to physicians and ripping off federal health programs, the Justice Department said. HMA, which was acquired by the for-profit hospital Community Health Systems in 2014,

UnitedHealth Plays Hardball With ER Doctors As Pay Shifts To Value

As UnitedHealth Group shifts medical provider contracts away from fee-for-service medicine, the insurer’s warning to Envision Healthcare shows how serious the insurer is about moving providers to value-based models and the willingness to play hardball to achieve its goals. UnitedHealth

UnitedHealthcare issues warning to hospitals about out-of-network coverage for ER physicians

WHAT HAPPENED UnitedHealthcare sent out an advanced notice to more than 700 hospitals that its emergency room contractor, Envision Healthcare, could be out of network starting January 1, 2019. WHY IT MATTERS Dissolving the contract is expected to result in

UnitedHealthcare warns hospitals it may drop major ER doctor network

UnitedHealthcare’s negotiations with the nation’s largest provider of emergency room doctors has reached an impasse. The insurer is warning hospitals it may drop Envision Healthcare from its network starting in January if the two can’t reach an agreement before then,

What we found dictates medical costs and why

Jerry Mitchell opens his bill from a Baptist Medical Center clinic and sees a shocking number: The price of six blood tests is $3,076. Under that total, he sees, “Insurance Payments/Adjustments: $2,682.07.” When he looks at it, “I think insurance

Blame Emergency Rooms for the Out-of-Control Cost of Health Care – The New York Times

There are many reasons Americans pay more for health care than citizens of any other country. But one of the most powerful forces driving cost increases is buried in a little-known set of regulations concerning emergency room care. These regulations

Patients question high emergency room bills from Centura Healthcare

When Jasmine Pyne was bitten by a bug last June, she didn’t think much of it, until it began itching so much that she scratched it raw. Then, it became infected. “I was getting red marks down my leg,” she

Anthem Denials of Emergency Room CT Scans and MRIs; Patients Sent to Clinics

Washington, DCIn July 2018, the American College of Emergency Physicians filed an insurance lawsuit against Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield over the insurer’s new policy of denying emergency room coverage after the fact. As a subpart of the strategy, Anthem refuses claims