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Anthem expands its policy of punishing patients for ‘inappropriate’ ER visits

Over the last few months, Anthem, the nation’s biggest health insurer, has informed customers in several states that if they show up at the emergency room with a problem that later is deemed to have not been an emergency, their

In mediation, doctors reduce billed charges by millions – Houston Chronicle

Of $7 million in disputed surprise medical bills patients submitted to the state’s mediation process last year, insurers agreed to increase their overall payments by $1 million, new Texas Department of Insurance data show. That means physicians made the more

Could A Co-Pay Curb Emergency Room Abuse? « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

A U.S. Representative is weighing in on the idea of charging a co-pay to Medicaid patients who go to North Texas hospital emergency rooms for non-emergency reasons. Rep. Michael Burgess is also a doctor. The Republican Congressman says part of

Emergency Room Charges and What to Do About Them

Washington, DCA study into medical bills, treatment costs at hospitals and emergency room charges undertaken last year and published in May by the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine confirmed what we already know: charges for medical care can be excessive when

Anthem drawing hard line on what emergency room visits it will cover

An Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield policy allows the insurance carrier to decide, after they see a final diagnosis from an emergency room visit, if they are going to cover the claim. “That says they’re going to look at the

ACEP: Health Insurers Disagree With Your Decision To Visit The ER — And They Refuse To Pay!

In a controversial decision, health insurance giant Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield is warning policy holders — in Georgia, Kentucky and Missouri — that they may have to pay for their trips to the ER.  The company has developed a secret list of diagnoses that

ACEP responds to recent articles on ER Billing 

WASHINGTON —A recent article in Vox about hospital billing practices makes a number of assertions that rely heavily on data from the Health Care Cost Institute or HCCI, which receives millions of dollars from four of the largest health insurance companies. According

ACEP challenges report on ER billing fees

The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) is challenging a recent report that says spending on hospital emergency room fees is on the rise. Vox and the Health Care Cost Institute analyzed more than 70 million bills for ER visits that were

Spending on emergency room fees has increased by $3 billion

There are 141 million visits to the emergency room each year, and nearly all of them (including Saifan’s) have a charge for something called a facility fee. This is the price of walking through the door and seeking service. It does not

Emergency room fees have risen since 2009

The price of facility fees has risen steadily in recent years. A level 3 code (99283) now costs, on average, $576. A level 4 code (99284) averages $810. Christina Animashaun/Vox “Hospitals can make a lot of money charging for all the