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For Texans with shocking medical charges, bill that governor signed can’t come soon enough

When Jay Garnett began to feel severe chest pain during a workout about a year ago, his son called 911. Garnett was having a heart attack. An ambulance rushed him to the nearest hospital in Denton, where doctors saved his

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Medical bills sometimes surprise with extra expenses – Washington Times

A Yale study, and an accompanying profile in The New York Times, made waves this month for exposing what’s called “surprise billing.” This occurs when a patient receives a high, out-of-network bill for care received at an in-network hospital. Amazingly,

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Yale research points to Dallas company for spike in costly hospital bills- Dallas News

Dallas-based emergency room staffing company EmCare is to blame for a surge in “surprise” medical bills in Texas and other states, according to health policy and economics researchers at Yale University. EmCare and Tennessee-based TeamHealth together make up a third of

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The Company Behind Many Surprise Emergency Room Bills – The New York Times

Early last year, executives at a small hospital an hour north of Spokane, Wash., started using a company called EmCare to staff and run their emergency room. The hospital had been struggling to find doctors to work in its E.R.,

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Medical emergency: ER costs skyrocket, leaving patients in shock

Americans are being overcharged by more than $3 billion a year for ER services, according to data from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Bills can be nearly 13 times the rates paid by Medicare for the same services. Americans in

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Anthem takes harder line on ER visits 

Frustrated that people are continuing to show up at the emergency room with problems that aren’t life-threatening, Anthem Inc., Indiana’s largest health insurer, is pushing a new message: Save the ER for emergencies, or you’ll be responsible for the cost,

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KARE 11 Investigates: VA denies ER payments, calls vets imprudent |

MINNEAPOLIS – Thousands of veterans every year are saddled with medical debt they shouldn’t owe – some of it even turned over to collection agencies – after trips to the emergency room. A KARE 11 Investigation discovers it’s happening, in

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New Johns Hopkins Study Suggests People Who Visits Emergency Rooms Are Often Overcharged | Town of Morningside Maryland

A new study conducted by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine revealed that in emergency rooms throughout the United States, people are overcharged for treatments and services. In fact, those people are charged on average 340 percent more than the

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Major Insurance Company’s Payment Decision Angers ER Doctors – NBC News

It hurts when you take a deep breath. Is it a heart attack? A blood clot in the lung? An infection? Emergency room doctors are questioning letters than have gone out to some Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield members in three

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Blue Cross in Alabama says it won’t quit paying for some ER visits |

Starting in July, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia will stop covering emergency room visits that the health insurance provider deems unnecessary. Don’t expect Alabama to follow suit, however. The Georgia Blue Cross policy is an effort to keep people

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