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New law seeks to prevent surprise medical bills from freestanding ERs

Patients who visit freestanding emergency rooms in Texas should now have a better idea of whether their health insurance will cover the bill. A new state law that took effect Sept. 1 requires the facilities — which resemble urgent care clinics but

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How to Fix the Emergency Room – WSJ

How to Fix the Emergency Room ERs are notorious for long waits, endless forms and inconsistent care. Now researchers and hospitals are rethinking the ways they work—with impressive results. Long wait times in the emergency room have bad effects for

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Dr. Overachiever: Award to honor Ovalo physician

Kyle Sheets jokingly calls himself an overachiever “in a bad way.” Others probably say his overachieving is a great thing, considering all he’s done and is doing. Friends and associates call him “special,” “entrepreneurial,” “amazing.” Patients call him “Dr. Sheets.”

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Journal republishes withdrawn paper on emergency care prices, amid controversy

The Annals of Emergency Medicine has republished a controversial paper it withdrew earlier this year which compared the cost of emergency care at different types of facilities. Because the paper drew heavy criticism when it was originally released, the journal has published a revised

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Comparing Utilization and Costs of 20 most common procedures by facility type – Annals of Emergency Medicine

Table 2 lists the 20 most common procedures by facility type for the study period 2012 to 2015. The prices in Table 2 include both the facility and professional component of each procedure’s price. Rank by frequency, percentage of all visits, and mean prices of

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Comparing Utilization and Costs of Care in FSED, HED, and UC

Results Characteristics of Study Subjects The freestanding ED claims processed by BCBSTX came from 52 facilities in 2012. The number of facilities submitting claims increased to 86 in 2013, 134 in 2014, and 207 in 2015. The smaller number for

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Forum Raises Question: Can EMS Providers Help Treat Addiction Before An Overdose?

One hundred health care and first-response experts will convene to share ideas, strategies, and specific tools for fighting Connecticut’s opioid epidemic in a first-of-its-kind conference at UConn Health in Farmington on Wednesday. Focused on pre-hospital preventative care, the forum, co-hosted by UConn

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UMC at Capacity, ER Wait Up to Eight Hours 

LUBBOCK, TX – University Medical Center started turning non-emergency patients away Tuesday morning after the hospital reached capacity. This is not the first time this happened and in fact, UMC said this happens often. The hospital being at capacity affects

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Closing of freestanding ER in Amarillo may signal industry trend

The shuttering of what had been Amarillo’s fifth freestanding emergency room less than four months after opening may signal market saturation, according to those in the industry locally and statewide. Neighbors Emergency Center at 4121 S. Georgia St. closed its

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Britain begging US physician assistants to fill staff

Britain is offering US physician assistants cash and long vacations in Europe if they relocate to fill desperate staff shortage Physician assistants (also known as physician associates) train for two years, roughly a quarter of the time a doctor trains

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