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CMS proposes Quality Payment Program rule for 2018 

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has proposed a new rule for its Quality Payment Program in an effort to simplify reporting requirements with updates for the second and future years of the program. In October 2016, CMS published

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Dr. Lawrence Weed, Pioneer in Recording Patient Data, Dies at 93

Dr. Lawrence L. Weed, who created a system for organizing patient information that is used all over the world, at a lecture in 1971. CreditVisualDX Dr. Lawrence L. Weed, who introduced a system for organizing patient data in the 1950s

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Sloppy Citations of 1980 Letter Led To Opioid Epidemic

A one-paragraph letter, barely a hundred words long, unwittingly became a major contributor to today’s opioid crisis, researchers say. “This has recently been a matter of a lot of angst for me,” Dr. Hershel Jick, co-author of that letter, told

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A new doctor discovers the ‘gritty’ downside of modern medicine

I arrived at the hospital, white coat and stethoscope in hand. It was my first day as a doctor, and I was filled with a nervous mix of optimism and excitement. I walked up to the medicine team room, entered

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Colorado Hospitals Unite to Combat Prescription Opioid Abuse

A group of doctors and administrators has come up with an ambitious plan for Colorado hospitals to reduce the amount of opioids they prescribe while still treating pain effectively, according to an article in the Denver Post. The plan will

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New tool for overdoses: Emergency box with antidote | Lexington Herald Leader

PROVIDENCE, R.I. Defibrillator boxes have become commonplace in public places as a way to help people having a heart attack. Now, a group in Rhode Island has come up with a similar idea for a different medical crisis: drug overdoses.

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KARE 11 Investigates: VA denies ER payments, calls vets imprudent |

MINNEAPOLIS – Thousands of veterans every year are saddled with medical debt they shouldn’t owe – some of it even turned over to collection agencies – after trips to the emergency room. A KARE 11 Investigation discovers it’s happening, in

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Shakopee hospital using acupuncture in emergency room |

SHAKOPEE, Minn. – Minnesota hospitals are blazing a trail when it comes to integrative medicine. Only two hospitals in the nation offer acupuncture in the emergency room. St. Francis Regional Medical Center started practicing the traditional Chinese medicine in its

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Express Scripts takes stab at reducing opioid abuse | St. Louis Public Radio

St. Louis-based pharmacy benefits management company Express Scripts is tackling the opioid crisis. The company announced an initiative Wednesday to more than 600 clients gathered in Dallas for an annual Express Scripts conference. The program focuses on limiting exposure to

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New Johns Hopkins Study Suggests People Who Visits Emergency Rooms Are Often Overcharged | Town of Morningside Maryland

A new study conducted by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine revealed that in emergency rooms throughout the United States, people are overcharged for treatments and services. In fact, those people are charged on average 340 percent more than the

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