Author: Evan Trickett

Bay Area Regional Medical Center Announces Closure | Bay Area Regional Medical Center

Bay Area Regional Medical Center, LLC (Bay Area Regional) a diversified, integrated multi-specialty health care delivery system, today announced the closing of Bay Area Regional and will be filing for bankruptcy next week. Bay Area Regional invested $200 million during

Pharmaceutical executive apologizes to Congress for role in opioid crisis: ‘I am deeply sorry’

Pharmaceutical executives appeared before Congress on Tuesday to answer questions about a congressional investigation into drug companies’ role in the nation’s opioid epidemic, The Washington Post reports. A Cardinal Health executive, George Barrett, apologized for his drug company’s slow response to the

3 types of Drs “GoldiDocs” – Jordan Grumet MD

The GoldiDocs Phenomena The world consists of three types of doctor.  Three types of doctors who will grace your presence on any given stay in the hospital, foray into the nursing home, or visit to the office.  You might have

Despite Opioid Crisis, Louisiana May Cut Drug Treatment Options

Louisiana is in the middle of an opioid crisis, but a pervasive state budget shortfall may lead the state to eliminate some drug and alcohol treatment options for people with Medicaid after July 1. The latest state budget proposal, passed by the

Is It Ever OK For Doctors To Lie To Their Patients? -Nana Matoba, M.D

Doctors shouldn’t lie to their patients, even now when the parsing of words and the telling of white lies is common at the highest level of our government. But they do it all the time — sometimes for personal reasons but most

Can Small Practices Adapt to New Payment Plans? – Bill Golden, MD

Even small practices can adapt to new payment models — but they need the right incentives to get going, Bill Golden, MD, medical director of Arkansas Medicaid, said here at the annual meeting of the American College of Physicians. “We’ve

Treating Outpatients Like Inpatients- by Fred N. Pelzman, MD

Every action that is taken, especially when it comes to healthcare, has ripple effects, which often end up being more far more significant than we anticipate, turning that ripple into a tidal wave. Every time somebody besides actual healthcare providers

I Have To Believe In My One Percent – Dr. Eric Schultz

It’s a rainy Saturday night, and I’m huddled in a doorway, pleasantly buzzed after a few drinks with a beautiful Russian girl I will never see again. The sky is wet iron, tinged with bronze from the reflected light of

Why your next ER visit could cost you more if you have BCBS

A trip to the emergency room could soon become more expensive for some Texans. Starting June 4, the state’s largest health insurance provider, Blue Cross Blue Shield, is changing how it processes ER claims. The company says the change is for BCBS’s fully

Drug epidemic ensnares 25-year-old pill for nerve pain

WASHINGTON — The story line sounds familiar: a popular pain drug becomes a new way to get high as prescribing by doctors soars.But the latest drug raising red flags is not part of the opioid family at the center of